Size Color
varies from 1 to 5 cm.
varies from black to reddish-brown.
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All cockroaches in Canada have long antennas and six long, spiny legs. Although they have wings, they are unable to fly.
They are oval-shaped and have a flat body, providing these creatures with the perfect tools to hide in small cracks.

Cockroaches are commonly found in homes, buildings, warehouses and other locations where food is stored. It has been shown that they can spread diseases and bacteria.
A cockroach infestation happens very rapidly and for two main reasons.
The first being that these creatures tend to communicate with each other; therefore, once one has settled in, he signals to others his location resulting in an infestation.
The second reason is that these pests reproduce at an alarming rate.
A female cockroach will lay about 5 capsules during her lifetime and EACH capsule can hold up to 40 eggs!

The three most commonly types of cockroaches are

  • American Cockroach: 30 mm in length
  • German and Asian Cockroaches: 15 mm in length
  • Oriental Cockroach: 25 mm in length

Each one of these nasty insects can survive very long periods without food, water or even oxygen. It’s important to know that Cockroaches are very active in darkness and will flee light, aside from the Asian cockroach who is actually attracted to light.

How to identify a cockroach infestation
Cockroaches are easily identifiable. They have a reddish-brown hue and their length varies according to the species, as indicated above.
The cockroach is active in the dark and avoids light, with the exception of the Asian species which is rather attracted by light.

Treating a cockroach infestation The best way to control cockroach infestations is cleanliness.
Make sure all your food is stored in airtight containers, dispose of your garbage and wash your dishes regularly.
A minor infestation can be controlled with insecticide powder application, gelatin traps and meticulous vacuum cleaning.
If the infestation persists, contact a professional exterminator.

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