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Size varies from 8 to 12 cm
Usually Grey or Brown
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Mice and rats are commonly known to infest homes and buildings around the Montreal area. They’re known for seriously damaging walls, floors, furniture as well as stored food in closets and garages. The house mice are considered to be one of the major causes of structural damages.

They reproduce at an alarming rate. Female mice can start breeding at the age of 6 to 10 weeks and give birth every 45 days to an average of 5 pups and as many as 12 each birth.

These spineless creatures can easily travel under doors, behind ovens as well as fit through extremely small openings. In addition, they can be a serious health hazard due to the numerous types of diseases they carry.

They’re known for building their nests approximately 15 to 20 feet from their food source. These rodents are continuously growing, sharp incisors in their upper and lower jaws.

How to identify a rodent infestation? The presence of mice or other rodents is detected in different ways. Either by sighting it, or by the appearance of holes in walls and cupboards or even in food wrappings or by the presence of excrement are all signs of mouse infestation. Know that they are breeding at an alarming rate!

Treat a rodent infestation If you suspect the presence of mice of rodents in your house, block all the holes through which the animal circulates with a copper fence. Spring traps and sticky hatches work well too. If you can not control the infestation, contact a professional exterminator.

Our exterminators detect the point of entry of mouse infestation. He makes sure to get rid of rats and mice. It is important to get the mice out of the walls to avoid damage to the electrical wires and the attic of the house. Our professionals are among the very few specialists recognized by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment.

Again, prevention is a very good way to prevent the proliferation of mice at home.
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