Professional Pest Control for Your Home

Pests are a serious problem that can be damaging to your home, or worse, your health.

With over 35 years of service in the Montreal and surrounding areas, Extermination Sol-X has a proven track record of success, safety and top-rated customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s Ants, Bed Bugs, Mice, Rats etc. it’s hard to see where these pests are hiding.

With regards to mice and rats, they transmit severe diseases in addition to damaging your property. They multiply at a tremendous rate; therefore, the rule is that there is never just ONE of them.

There are countless pests that can damage your home, some of the most common ones are spiders, bees, termites and over the years bed bugs have evolved to only be able to eat blood, usually from humans.

Most of the “do-it-yourself” products provide a very short-term solution and, in most cases, never actually eradicate the infestation. In addition, some products can be extremely dangerous as well as illegal.


We service all residential properties including home, apartment complexes and condos.
Our modern tools and technology allow us to provide you a safe as well as an environmental clean solution for all your pest problems.

Residential PEST CONTROL

Our highly experienced service professionals are insured, licensed and certified as well as being some of the very few recognized by the Ministère de L’Environnement du Québec.